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Why Every E-Learning Platform Needs Build Chatbot

Bala 10min read 22 Sep 23

Technology's role in our lives continues to evolve, and chatbots, initially developed in 1950, are now a ubiquitous presence. Popular virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Alexa exemplify this trend.

Until now, chatbots were only used in eCommerce, Banking and Finance, Healthcare, and Real Estate industries. But did you know that chatbots can be used in the Education industry as well?

Yes, Build Chatbot is a great example of how bots can be used to create interacting learning experiences.

The demand for online education continues to surge, and providing exceptional user experiences and support becomes paramount. This is where Build Chatbot, coupled with the assistance of an AI Chatbot Assistant, emerges as a game-changer for e-learning platforms. In this article, we will explore why every e-learning platform needs to consider integrating Build Chatbot and how its cutting-edge capabilities, enhanced by the AI Chatbot Assistant, can revolutionize the online learning landscape.

What Chatbots Actually Are?

Even though chatbots are very common, not everyone may be familiar with them. An AI chatbot is a virtual conversation partner embedded with artificial intelligence that comprehends user inquiries and aids in resolving them through interactive conversations. These AI chatbots engage with users much like human conversations, making them valuable tools for various purposes such as sales, customer support, navigation, and particularly in the realm of e-learning. AI chatbots enhance the learning experience by providing personalized and interactive assistance.

When Did We Start Using Chatbots?

The journey of chatbots started back in 1950 when Alan Turing proposed the Turing Test, which challenged a computer to chat so convincingly that it fooled at least half the people. However, it took time for AI chatbot technology to catch up. In 2006, AI chatbot technology catches up. In 2006, IBM's Watson emerged victorious on Jeopardy against human champions. Apple's Siri made its debut in 2010, followed by Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft's Cortana in 2015. In 2016, Georgia Tech's Jill Watson astounded students as an AI "teaching assistant." AI chatbot technology continues to advance rapidly, becoming increasingly proficient and cost-effective each month.

Why Build Chatbot is the Cornerstone of Every Successful E-Learning Platform

Multiformat Support

Build Chatbot offers the versatility of multiformat support. Whether learners prefer text-based interactions, audio, or video, Build Chatbot can seamlessly adapt to diverse communication preferences. This flexibility ensures that every user can engage with the e-learning platform in a way that suits them best, enhancing inclusivity and accessibility.

World's First Audio and Video Enabled Chatbot

One of the standout features of Build Chatbot is its status as the world's first audio and video enabled chatbot. With this innovative feature, users can effortlessly upload audio or video URLs to the chatbot, ushering in a new era of interactive communication. By simply asking questions, users receive tailored responses in real-time, bridging the gap between traditional text-based interactions and multimedia-rich experiences. This customizable AI chatbot advancement not only enhances user engagement but also opens up endless possibilities for personalized, dynamic, and immersive conversations, making it a game-changer in the learning landscape.

Auto Training with Private Data

Build Chatbot's auto-training functionality, bolstered by the presence of an AI Chatbot Assistant, is a game-changer for e-learning platforms. It can autonomously train and learn from vast amounts of private data, ensuring that it continuously evolves and improves its responses. This capability enables the AI chatbot to provide increasingly accurate and relevant information to learners, enhancing the quality of the educational support it offers.

Brand Voice Personalization

In the realm of e-learning platforms, maintaining a consistent brand identity is paramount. AI Chatbot technology, such as Build Chatbot, offers the capability for brand voice personalization, ensuring that interactions resonate with the platform's distinct identity and tone. This feature cultivates a sense of continuity and trust among users, further reinforcing the platform's dedication to providing high-quality education

Intuitive User Interface

Build Chatbot, complemented by the AI Chatbot Assistant, boasts an intuitive user interface that is easy for both learners and administrators to navigate. Learners can access the AI chatbot seamlessly, while administrators can customize and configure its responses and behavior with ease. This user-friendly interface, in conjunction with the AI assistant, reduces the learning curve and streamlines the integration process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for all users.

Embeddable on Multiple Websites

The embeddable nature of Build Chatbot makes it a perfect fit for e-learning platforms that span multiple websites or portals. It can be smoothly incorporated into different platforms, guaranteeing consistent support and user engagement across all online properties. This seamless integration serves to maximize the AI chatbot's effectiveness in enhancing the learning experience.

API Enabled

Build Chatbot's API-enabled functionality opens up a world of possibilities for e-learning platforms. It can be seamlessly integrated with other systems, tools, or applications, allowing for a cohesive and interconnected educational ecosystem. This integration capability, enriched by the presence of an AI Chatbot Assistant, enhances the platform's overall efficiency and functionality.

Instant Support for Frequently Asked Questions

E-learning platforms often receive a barrage of frequently asked questions (FAQs) from learners. Build Chatbot can instantly respond to these common queries, freeing up human resources from repetitive tasks. Learners can get quick answers to questions about course enrollment, payment procedures, technical issues, and more, ensuring a seamless learning journey.

24/7 Support and Availability

One of the significant advantages of AI Chatbot Assistants is their round-the-clock availability. Students may have questions or require assistance at any time, and Chatbots can provide instant responses. This ensures that learners can access help and resources whenever they need them, even outside of regular office hours.


In conclusion, Build Chatbot, purpose-built for the dynamic realm of AI chatbots in E-learning, is a transformative addition to online education platforms. Its multiformat support, world's first audio and video capabilities, auto-training with private data, brand voice personalization, intuitive user interface, embeddability, and API-enabled use make it an indispensable tool for modern online education. This customizable AI Chatbot empowers educators and learners alike, ensuring a dynamic and inclusive educational experience.

Integrating a customizable AI chatbot into your e-learning platform is essential to meeting the evolving needs of modern learners. With Build Chatbot and its AI companion, the future of online education is not only more accessible but also more engaging, interactive, and effective than ever before. It's time for e-learning platforms to wholeheartedly embrace the transformative power of Build Chatbot and unlock the full potential of online learning. Try Build Chatbot now!

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