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Build Chatbot VS Myaskai

Bala 10min read 19 Dec 23

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Chatbots are becoming an indispensable tool for companies of all sizes in the current digital era. They offer round-the-clock customer support, automate tedious jobs, and customize communications, all of which improve customer satisfaction and spur company expansion. However, there are two main approaches to creating your own chatbot: using DIY AI chatbot builders and using AI-powered programmes like MyAskai.

Selecting between these two strategies can be difficult because they each have unique benefits and drawbacks. Do you use MyAskai's smooth integration and potent AI capabilities, or do you throw yourself headfirst into the intricacies of code and technical specifications?

This blog thoroughly compares the two choices, carefully analysing their advantages and disadvantages in all the important areas:

  • Technical Expertise: Examine the technical information needed for each strategy and choose the one that most closely matches your current technical abilities and resources.
  • Flexibility and Customisation: Find out how much flexibility and control each option offers to help you fit a AI chatbot to your unique requirements and brand identity.
  • Cost and Time Efficiency: Examine the start-up and continuing expenses related to each strategy, taking into account possible time and resource savings.
  • AI Functionality and Capabilities: Assess the degree of AI integration provided by each choice, looking at the features and kinds of interactions your AI chatbot is capable of.
  • Scalability and Ease of Use: Examine how easy each strategy is to use as well as how well it can develop and adapt to your company's needs.

Through a thorough analysis of these vital factors, we hope to enable you to make an informed choice and select the AI chatbot solution that will most effectively enable your company to prosper in the rapidly changing digital environment. Whether you're looking for the fine control and personalisation of do-it-yourself platforms or the simple integration and AI-powered knowledge of MyAskai, this blog offers the information and comprehension to help you make the right decisions for an AI chatbot deployment.

Create a Lightning Setup for Your Chatbot

Build Chatbot takes great satisfaction in its incredibly quick setup procedure. You don't need to know how to code to get started in a matter of minutes. Their easy-to-use platform walks you through each step of the process so you can quickly and effectively create an AI chatbot to suit your unique needs.

This is quite different from MyAskai, which, based on the level of customisation you want of customisation and integration, may require a little technical knowledge and configuration. In regard to setup time and effort, Build Chatbot provides a significant advantage for users looking for a quick and easy AI chatbot implementation.

Option for a Free Trial

Before committing to a paid plan, users can test out Chatbot's features and functionality during a free trial period. This trial period offers a priceless chance to investigate the features of the platform, test out various AI chatbot configurations, and determine whether it suits your particular requirements.

MyAskai, on the other hand, does not provide a free trial. This can present a challenge for users who wish to give the platform a try before committing financially, especially for startups or smaller companies with tighter budgets.

Accommodates Various File Formats

Numerous types of files, including text, picture, audio, and video, are supported by chatbots. This makes it simple to incorporate different types of material into your chatbot, increasing user engagement and education.

The file formats that MyAskai can support may vary based on the particular plan that is selected. As a result, there may be fewer content options available to you for your chatbot, which could reduce how well it engages users.

Support for audio and video

Construct The chatbot's extensive audio and video support is its strongest point. Companies can simply upload a video URL or audio to the chatbot. When users pop a question, the chatbot jumps in with the perfect answers. It's like magic! With this feature, Build Chatbot is set to stand out in the AI chatbot game.

Audio and video support in MyAskai might be restricted or need extra setup and technical know-how. It may become difficult as a result to give your users engaging and interactive experiences.

Live chat support for agents

If you have any questions or need help, you can communicate with customer support agents in real-time by using Build Chatbot's live agent chat support. Your chatbot's operations will be minimised as a result of this easily accessible support, which guarantees that you can quickly and effectively resolve any issues that may arise.

The customer support options offered by MyAskai may differ based on the plan selected. This may cause delays in getting help or resolving technical problems, which could negatively affect your as a whole chatbot experience.

Conversation History Construction With the help of chatbot's extensive chat history feature, you can look back at previous exchanges between your chatbot and users. With the help of this useful tool, you can evaluate consumer behaviour, spot possible problems, and get insightful data that will improve the efficacy and performance of your chatbot.

It's possible that MyAskai's chat history functionality is restricted or that more setup is needed in order to view and examine previous exchanges. This may make it more difficult for you to track and enhance your chatbot's achievement over time.

Features and Integrations

Build Chatbot provides a wide range of features and integrations that let you link your AI chatbot to the many tools and platforms you already use for your company. This smooth integration improves data analysis, simplifies workflows, and grants your AI chatbot access to more sophisticated features.

Depending on the plan selected, MyAskai's integration and feature alternatives may be restricted or incur additional fees. This may limit your chatbot's functionality and hinder its ability to smoothly integrate with your current business systems.

UI/UX that is intuitive

Users without any technical experience can easily navigate and create chatbots with Build Chatbot's intuitive and user-friendly interface. You can create chatbots more quickly and easily with the platform's drag-and-drop functionality and visual approach, freeing up your time to concentrate on your messaging and content rather than technical details.

Users with little background in chatbot development may find MyAskai's interface to be less intuitive and require some technical knowledge. This may make learning more difficult and negatively impact the user experience.

Why is Build Chatbot a superior AI substitute for MyAsk?

Because of its quick setup, free trial period, and extensive file format support, Build Chatbot is a great substitute for MyAskai. The best agents with live chat support and video and audio support available further improve user experience and guarantee that creating and managing your chatbot is a breeze. Furthermore, Build Chatbot offers a strong and easy to use platform for creating and implementing efficient chatbots thanks to its features, integrations, chat history, and intuitive UI/UX.

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