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Instantly respond to user queries via your mobile app, ensuring seamless support for all conversations anytime. Stay connected with instant notifications for new chat conversations, ensuring proactive and engaged customer interactions on the go.

Instant Mobile Notifications Real Time Chat Updates Take Over Chat Anytime Versatile Transcript Formats

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Discover the difference our AI chatbot has made, straight from our users' voices.

One might say ' just another chatbot'. But look at it closely. This is what we were looking for, like the user interface, like how intuitive setup is, like deployment. Highly recommended, this is an amazing product!

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Sandro Okropiridze

Co-Founder of STORI AI

I was just talking to a potential client about this service today, the ui looks simple and the pricing seems fair. Well done @team and all the best with the launch.

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Bertha Kgokong

Software Developer | Entrepreneur

πŸŽ‰ Congrats, Build Chatbot team! and @gavaskar_rajagopal Just tried your amazing tool - it's a game changer! πŸš€ The multiformat support, audio-video magic, and personalization options are mind-blowing. 🎨 🧠 Excited to see how it elevates engagement in e-learning, healthcare, and beyond. Kudos! πŸ‘πŸŽ“

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Udayraj Parmar

Chief Marketing Officer | SFC

Congrats on your launch, guys! think your tool might come in handy for any team dealing with customer support! (which means like almost any team)

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Darya Antonyuk

Senior Internet Marketer at Blocks

Congratulations, team! Absolutely stunning productβ€”keep up the great work!

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Community Manager | ReplyMind

Build Chatbot is one of the best AI chatbot solutions out there. The team is reactive, the product is perfectly designed, and above all very powerful! Highly recommend it to anyone.

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Benjamin Loth

Founder & Leadership

That is not "another chatbot"! It is soooo easy to set up!

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Elena Tsemirava

Build financial projects

This looks like an amazing tool for enhancing customer experiences! πŸš€ I love that Build Chatbot allows for personalization with data and supports multiple file formats. The audio and video integration is a game-changer. Excited to explore the future of AI-powered customer interactions!

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Nikhil Borole

Test Engineer

Powerful Features of Build Chatbot

Explore BuildChatbot's powerful features, from intelligent automation to seamless integrations,
designed to elevate your customer engagement.

Multi-platform Chat access Icon

Multi-Platform Chat Accessibility

Reply to website visitors directly from your preferred platform, whether it's a web application, mobile app (iOS, Android), or Slack. Offers flexibility and convenience in managing customer interactions from the palm of your hand and your preferred channel.

Instant Mobile Notification Icon

Instant Mobile Notifications

Receive immediate alerts on your mobile app when a visitor initiates a chat conversation on your website with AI. Stay updated with the conversation and initiate a live chat based on user intent with real-time notifications, enhancing customer engagement.

Real Time Chat Updates Icon

Real-Time Chat Updates

Experience live chat updates on the Chats screen between the Bot or live agent without the need to refresh the page. This feature provides a smooth and efficient chat experience, ensuring you're always up-to-date with ongoing conversations.

Live Human Suppport Icon

Live Human Support

Seamlessly take over live chats at any moment when a website visitor sends a message. Enables real-time, personal interaction with visitors, ensuring responsive and high-quality customer service.

Chat Management Tools Icon

Chat Management Tools

Efficiently manage your chats by downloading transcripts in formats like PDF or Excel and streamline organization with tools to mark as read and set priorities. These features simplify record-keeping and enhance your ability to track and analyze vital customer interactions.

Full Page Chat widget Icon

Embeddable Full Page Widget

Integrate a full-page chat widget seamlessly anywhere on your website or application. This customizable feature enhances the accessibility of the chat service, providing users with an intuitive communication tool.

Communication Through All Platforms

Stay Connected With Your Users Across All Platforms

Ensure a continuous, cohesive connection with your users across all platforms, from website chat to mobile app and Slack. Our solution offers seamless integration, allowing you to engage and respond to your users consistently, no matter where they reach out from.

Live Chat assistance

Website Live Chat

Offer immediate, personalized assistance on your website with ChatBots live chat integration, ensuring customers receive help in real time.

Build Chatbot App Icon

Mobile App

Stay connected with your users, access chat histories, and deliver immediate support, all from the palm of your hand.

Slack Icon


Effortlessly integrate our chatbot with Slack to enable direct connection with live agent support, ensuring prompt and effective resolution of customer queries.

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  • 10 Chatbot
  • 5000000 Characters
  • 5000 Chats/mo
  • Custom Branding
  • Access to Chat History
  • Upload Multiple Files

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