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Exciting New Feature – Build Chatbot Mobile App

Bala 10min read 19 Feb 24

Build Chatbot Mobile App

Exciting New Feature - Build Chatbot Mobile App

Exciting news this week! Get ready to stay connected with your users in the most delightful way! Now, you can retrieve chat histories instantly, provide immediate support, enjoy the fantastic Self-Chat feature, revel in effortless organization, and even download your chats in various formats! Download the mobile app from the Google Play Store and App Store today to try it out!

Stay Connected with Your Users and Provide Live Support:

The Build Chatbot mobile app ensures a continuous connection with your users, allowing you to engage with them in real-time. Once the user initiates live agent support, it will be automatically notified in the mobile app, allowing you to respond swiftly and effectively right from your mobile device. Whether you're addressing queries, providing updates, or initiating conversations, stay connected effortlessly through the mobile app. Connect to Live Chat


Explore the self-chat feature that allows your chatbot to engage in conversations with itself. This functionality can be a valuable tool for testing and refining your chatbot's responses, ensuring optimal performance and a seamless user experience. Chat With Personalized Data

Effortless Organization:

Enjoy centralized access to all your chatbot conversations in a single app. This provides a convenient and organized hub for managing and responding to user queries, ensuring a seamless support experience on the go. Your ability to provide quick and comprehensive responses is now enhanced with our mobile app's centralized access feature! Centralized Access

Download, Sort, and Bookmark with Ease

Effortlessly optimize your chat experience with our latest update. Download chats in PDF or CSV, sort through chatbot interactions, bookmark key conversations, and receive email transcripts. The flexibility is in your hands for a seamless and organized record of your conversations. Download and bookmark

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