How Our AI Chatbot Works

Lightning-Fast Setup

Simply input your email and password to receive a magical link. Click on that link within your email to log in. Then, create your chatbot by giving it a name. Congratulations! Your personalized chatbot is now created!

lighting fast setup
Train your own Chatbot

Train your own Chatbot

Once your chatbot is created, navigate to the Knowledge Base and select any file formats. Upload the files and update them in the bot's memory, then head to the dashboard to monitor the status of your uploads. Our smart AI chatbot will process this information and train itself automatically

Your bot is ready to launch

After training your chatbot, click on the settings to customize it to your specific needs. Integrate it with Slack and Zapier for enhanced functionality.

In the "Launch Chatbot" section, you can embed it on your website, offering chat widgets or full-page chat widget options within your website content. Then, test its responses by asking questions to witness its human-like capabilities.

Bot launch

Why use Build Chatbot

understand customer

Understand your customers

Gain valuable insights from your customer conversations using Chats and Stay ahead of your competitors

visiter timing

Save your visitors timing

Save your visitors time by providing easily accessible information, and enhance user engagement.

audio video support

#1 Audio & Video Support

Extract data from audio and video, fueling personalized engagement and exceptional customer experiences.

train data

Train your own data

Empower your chatbot's capabilities by training your own data, enhancing its conversational intelligence.

customize brand

Customize to your brand

Your brand's voice remains intact. Customize your Build Chatbot's look and feel to match with your brand

Our Pricing

We offer a variety of plans to fit your needs. Whether you're just getting started or are a large enterprise, we have a plan for you.

Add Build Chatbot to your website and improve 85% Engagement with customers

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